About ChungHo Malaysia

ChungHo Malaysia was established in 2018 and is the second overseas sales subsidiary for ChungHo Nais. ChungHo Nais has set up a local entity in Malaysia to market its products including water purifier, air purifier, water softener, and bidet. ChungHo Malaysia establishes a sales network focusing on door-to-door sales and also, it is expanding its sales through the diversification of channels, including online shopping malls, retail distribution channels and more.

Fully Automated Manufacturing System

Customization to meet the Market and Customer Needs

R&D Center

Located in Incheon, Korea with site scale of 22,322 ㎡. More than 100 R&D personnel & 10 teams.

Awarding Designs

Impressive recognitions on product design, developed more than 40 models in recent 3 years.

Worldwide Partners

We've been exporting products to more than 40 countries around the world since 1994.

Best Service For Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and health maintenance are the rewards we are looking forward to. We have presented World – First water purifier, which serve hot, cold, ambient water and ice as well.

ChungHo's Service

Fast registration, delivery, installation and service without any extra charge. With nationwide coverage, ChungHo’s Service is just one of the many reasons why we are the No.1 brand in wellness and healthy living.

Halal Policy

ChungHo (M) Sdn Bhd is committed to providing first class through setting quality objectives and targets in all areas of our operation including food delivery with respect to halal and food safety with the aim of continually improving our service performance. Our performance is regularly monitored and measured and the results, used by management to deliver improved customer services.

Awards Winner

Impressive recognitions not only limited on product design. ChungHo got it all, including Korea’s #1 brand, most admired company, customer satisfaction, best product and innovation award that ChungHo dominated for 20 straight years.

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Think About People The Environment The Future

“Become a leader of water purifier company that helps people to get the finest quality water with the best service from ChungHo Malaysia and to become the number 1 in Malaysia and in the Southeast Asia”