ChungHo Nais's
Brand Story

We are Pure Creator 

We have been dreaming of well-being society free from various pollutions, where human may be able to drink pure water, breathe fresh air and thus enjoy desirable clean and healthy life. We are manufacturing water purifier, air purifier, bidet and softener etc. mainly focusing on water and air cleaning appliance. Now, ChungHo Nais is studying sleeping environment as well.

Customer’s satisfaction and health maintenance are only the rewards we are looking forward to. 

People who know Water best in the world

The meaning of ChungHo is ‘ clear lake’.
ChungHo group has invested a lot of time and effort to providing
clean and healthy water like a ‘clear lake’ since 1993.
Now, endless passion, devotion, and challenges go beyond
from water to air and environmental in general.

The Best can be the First

We have the ability to create a more convenient life for you!
Better health and wellness begins with ChungHo Nais.


Established ChungHo Group


Semi-conductive cooling system

Low noise technology

Time display LED

Cold water temperature control


◆ Hot&Cold water purifier + Speakerphone

◆ Semi-conductive cooling system

◆ Water outage sensing function


◆ Applied 10” sediment filter

◆ Nozzle cleaning

◆ Seat occupied sensing

◆ Adjustment of nozzle setting


◆ Semi-permanent use without changing filter

◆ Using magnet for softening water

◆ Easy regeneration method


◆ High efficiency ULPA filter
(The first in Asian market)

◆ Filter change indicator

◆ Time setting


◆ Water purifier + Ice maker

◆ Single evaporator

◆ Applied 1st generation ice making technology


◆ Water purifier + Ice maker

◆ Energy saving : Ice making + Cold water making at once

◆ Applied 2nd generation ice making technology


◆ Hybrid water purifier + Humidifier

◆ UV lamp

◆ Waterfall typed indoor fountain effect


◆ Compact sized ice making water purifier (Countertop)

◆ Applied 3rd generation ice making technology


◆ Water purifier + Ice maker + Wine Cellar

◆ Energy saving: Ice making + Cold water makingat once

◆ Applied 2nd generation ice making technology


◆ The slimmest ice making water purifier (Countertop)

◆ ACS (Auto Cleaning System) : Empty the tank every 4 days

◆ UV sterilizer (Cold Cathode lamp)


◆ Water purifier with coffee machine and ice maker

◆ Smart cleaning (Empty the tank every 15 days)


◆ The most compact water purifier with coffee machine and ice maker

◆ UV sterilizer (Cold Cathode Lamp)


Water purifier with Sparkling dispensing function


Ice making water purifier

ChungHo Standard,
Global Standard

The world’s first technology made by ChungHo
soon becomes the industry standard.
The industry is benchmarking ChungHo’s leading technology.
We don’t care much about it.
Because ChungHo is already studying new technology.
Our mission is to make new product far better in quality than before.
So the competitor of ChungHo is ChungHo itself.

Why? We cannot get ice from a water purifier We cannot enjoy espresso from a water purifier There isn’t an air cleaner to catch ultra fine dust ?

The Innovation from WHY

From these questions, the world’s first products have been created.
Overturn common sense, break stereotypes, deny compromise, and throwing new questions, it is the innovation of ChungHo Nais.
ChungHo Nais will pursue to be an innovator and become one of the global leaders.

Global Network


Manufacturing and distributing premium residential and commercial water filter products. We have over 30 R&D engineers in our lab, together with specialized engineers designated for overseas business. Becoming a leading company in water purification industry in Korea. More than 20 years of expertise the highest cost-effective and defect-free products. We are working to improve.


MCM, one of the affiliates of “ChungHo” group established in November 2009, has been striving with growth in the area of water filtration related component manufacturing. Develops and produces water purifiers, water filters for refrigerators, Ro Membrane, fittings, tubing, etc. Provide water treatment parts for water purifiers and refrigerators to major domestic home appliance companies such as Samsung and LG.

ChungHo Vina was established in 2017 and is the first overseas sales subsidiary for ChungHo Nais. It has penetrated the Vietnamese market by introducing the health-related products such as water purifier, air purifier, water softener, bidet and more with the Korean rental service system. ChungHo Vina is gradually expanding its market to entire Vietnam area with varied retail distribution channels.

ChungHo Nais Vina was established in 2017 and is the first overseas manufacturing plant for ChungHo Nais. ChungHo Nais has gained a foothold in Vietnam to expand its overseas markets. ChungHo Nais Vina produces health-related home appliances, such as water purifier, air purifier, water softener, bidet and more.

Midea ChungHo is a joint venture company founded in 2005, between Midea Group and ChungHo Nais Co., Ltd. The new project is especially dedicated in the water purifiers by adopting the current advanced technology from Korea, with ChungHo Nais. And thanks to such cooperation, Midea ChungHo is leading in the Chinese water purifier market.

As a joint venture between ChungHo Nais and Midea Group, Foshan Micro Midea Filter MFG Co., Ltd. is a professional household water purifier filter element manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. Since its establishment in December 2006, Foshan Micro Midea Filter MFG Co., Ltd. Promotes development of domestic water treatment industry and wholeheartedly serves for the customers’ healthy life based on the core value of “professional domestic filter element and sincere service” and through our professional level and unremitting efforts.

M&T Engineering is a joint venture between MCM, an affiliate of ChungHo and Toray Japan, founded in 2018. M&T Engineering is a company specialized in air purifier filters, covering from R&D, manufacture & sales with MCM’s sales, production know-how and Toray’s raw material production capacity & filter development technology.