ChungHo Nais Wins ‘Korean New Technology Innovation Award’ for 22nd Consecutive Year

On 10th October 2022, ChungHo Nais has won the “Korea New Technology Innovation Award” for the 22nd consecutive year at the 2022 Korea Innovation Awards which is organized by the Korean Standards Association.

The Korea Innovation Award was created and established since 2000 to identify new growth engines which has contributes to the economic growth by honouring companies and public institutions that have achieved results through innovation.


Malaysia National Coffee Championship (MNCC) 2022

Malaysia National Coffee Championship (MNCC) 2022 is the championship, organized by Malaysian Specialty Coffee Association (MSCA) collaborated with Montgomery Asia & BEP Asia, UK based companies as the organizer of ICBS 2022. MNCC 2022 just a part of ICBS 2022 event but separate management due to get traffic from MNCC. ICBS 2022 is a Trade Show, MNCC is an annually event more towards coffee but ICBS is more to F&B industry. Both attracting B2B/ global & international businesses / companies & individuals from coffee industry


International Cafe & Beverage Show (ICBS) 2022 Exhibition

ChungHo Nais is the Official Big Sponsor for Water Purification & Water Filtration System at Malaysia National Coffee Championship (MNCC) 2022 & the official sponsor for Coffee Water Purifiers & Water Purification System at International Café & Beverage Show (ICBS) 2022 on 19 ~ 21 May 2022.
Our Managing Director, ChungHo NAIS Malaysia received the Appreciation Certificate as the the Official Sponsor.