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New 700 Ice

5 in 1 Ice Water Purifier

Sleek design standing ice water purifier with large water tanks and up to 1.2kg of ice storage! Smartly designed to fulfil your needs.



The water purifier is fresher and the water and ice are healthier!

Chungho Ice Water Purifier New 700

  • Smart Energy Saving Technology

    CDS sensor detects the ambient light and automatically controls hot function to save electricity.

  • Filter Cleaning System

    The core technology of water purifier is filtering system. Our family is happy with the purest water from NEW 700.

  • Separate Cork Design

    Separate cork design allows for direct cleaning by separating the cork.

It’s Slim & Full

Water Purification System providing an integrated ice making function

Designed to make cold water and ice simultaneously with one evaporator! Clean ice made with patented technology of ChungHo

The Ice of Chungho is Pure!

It produces pure ice by freezing point depression method, which supplies purified water to ice making unit. This method allows the pure water to freeze at 32 ℉ (0 °C) while non-pure water freeze at below that making ice.

24 hour Natural Water Circulation System (N.W.P.W)

This function is designed to allow water to continuously flow for 24 hours within the water purifier by adopting a natural circulation method. This mode, entitled N.W.P.W. applies the natural weight of water pressure in order to always supply clean and fresh water.

ACS Smart Cleaning Function

This makes users not to worry about contamination by bacteria as it empties the ambient water and cold tank automatically on regular basis in fixed time and fill the clean water.

STEP 1+2

TCR-Pre RS Carbon Filter

The carbon composite filter effectively removes the rust particle and suspended solid. It uses the 3-stage filtration method maintaining the effectiveness of standard sediment while extending the filter replacement cycle. At the same time, it eliminates effectively the dissolved particle in water such as the chlorine component, trihalomethane (THMs), and organic chemicals.


TCR-Membrane Filter

It removes dissolved pollutants (a molecular weight over 200, such as heavy metals, bacteria and organic chemical contaminants) through RO filtration using a semipermeable
membrane (0.0001μm pore size, 1/1,000,000 of hair) and the dissolved pollutants are discharged throuugh brine tube.


TCR-Post Carbon Filter

It remove dissolved gases and odors to improve water taste.

We bring clean water and original flavor of coffee!

The coffee is extracted with purified water by ChungHo’s own technology.

Additional information

Weight 45.9 kg
Dimensions 360 × 455 × 1424 mm




Filtration Tech

Reverse Osmosis 0.0001μm

Power Consumption

HOT 270W – 500W, COLD 0.6A, ICE 0.6A

Tank Capacity

HOT 2.5 Liter, COLD 2.8 Liter, AMBIENT 7.0 Liter, ICE 1.2 Kg

Outright Rental



Outright Rental

1 year
Periodic Maintenance

Up to 5 Years
Periodic Maintenance

Outright Rental

1 year

Up to 5 Years

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